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Read all about one of the UK’s Oldest Rosette Manufacturers Est. 1970

Back in 1968 William Frost joined a local bird club to start a hobby in breeding and showing budgerigars. After a year or so of showing his birds at club shows Bill was asked by committee members if he would take the role of organising & ordering the club’s rosettes and trophies. After gathering quotes from different rosette companies, Bill could not believe how expensive the awards were. So, to save the club some money Bill with the help of Joan, thought he would make a few rosettes for the club himself.

An upholsterer at the time, Bill started to piece together the tools of a completely new trade, buying 1-2 yrds of ribbon from market stools, pleating ribbon at home on a small sewing machine and buying blank discs from a local craft shop. After many many months and some very very long nights, Bill & Joan had made their first few rosettes… the show came and the club loved them.

Recommendation after recommendation soon followed, more and more clubs were asking Bill and Joan if they could supply them with rosettes until there were no hours left in the day. What should Bill do? Holding a good job at the time and starting a young family did he need this extra worry? Despite advice from family and friends Bill decided to take the plunge, quit his job and make rosettes his full-time commitment – and Frost’s Rosettes was born.

Since 1970 things have progressed a long way, Frost’s now use around 10,000m of ribbon every week. Both Bill and Joan have great input into the day to day running of the business and still deal with some of their very earliest customers. The everyday running has been passed over to their two sons, Grant & Glenn; who both left school nearly 24yrs ago and came straight into the family business.

royal rosette

By Royal Appointment
Princess Royal, Presenting One of Our Rosettes in 1985

So how good a rosette company are we?

We have built a business knowing what our customers want, and that they trust us to get it right for them time after time. Always investing in the latest machinery and graphic’s programmes Frost’s can provide customers with quality awards, sashes and badges at the right price.

We welcome both new & repeat business, and have got to know many of our customers by name & even by postcode in some cases!! From the Isle of Sky to the Channel Isles, and not only in the UK, our awards are also being received all over the world, including Europe, Africa, United States and even Singapore & Japan.

Many famous household names also choose Frost’s for our knowledge of the promotional merchandise sector. And with a HUGE portfolio including commissions from many top High street stores and special commissions from Royalty & the entertainment industry our aim has always been to provide all our customers with the same superior & quality service as the next person.

You can also be rest assured that all of the rosettes, sashes, ribbons and badges featured within this site have been manufactured & printed by Frost’s, what’s more all of the featured Brands have chosen Frost’s to to manufacture the same pictured item as we advertise.

A rosette company you can put your trust in.

We are a well established, professional and approachable company. We will never speake ill of our competitors nor will we print trademarked brands or images without the correct permissions.

Our approach is always one of honesty, we are here to advise and help you have a successful, fun and profitable event. We will not make customers buy more than they require and will NEVER cold call or pestered clubs or individuals for an order.

Hopefully, our passion towards our business will shine through this website. It should give you the peace of mind that when it comes to any show, party or promotional event, we’re not only professional but good people to know.