About us

Frosts rosettes are a UK based mail order rosette and sash manufacturing company based in south west England.

frosts rosettes head office

Frosts Rosettes Head Office


Showroom at Frosts Head Office


How did it all Start?

Back in 1968 William Frost joined a local bird club as a hobby into breeding and showing budgerigars. After a few years of showing his birds, Bill was asked by committee members if he would organise the ordering of the club’s rosettes and trophies.

After gathering quotes from different rosette companies, Bill could not believe how expensive the awards were. To save the club some money Bill with the help of Joan (his wife), thought he would try to make a few rosettes for the club himself.

An upholsterer by trade bill had knowledge of fabrics but not much in the way of ribbon. Bill started to piece together the tools of a completely new trade, buying 1-2 yards of ribbon from market stools, pleating ribbon at home on a small sewing machine and buying discs from a local craft shop.

After many months and some very long nights, Bill & Joan had made their first few rosettes… The overall response from the committee members was overwhelmingly good and the club ask Bill if he could do the next show’s rosettes.

After the show, it wasn’t long before other clubs started approched Bill to ask if he could help with thier rosettes. More and more requests soon followed and before he knew it, Bill had a strange situation on his hands.

What should he do? Holding a good job at the time and starting a young family did he need all this pressure after a long day at work?

Despite advice from family and friends Bill decided to take the plunge, he quit his job and decided to make rosettes his full-time commitment – and Frost’s Rosettes was born.

So, How does Frosts operate today?

Since 1970 things have progressed a long way, Frost’s now uses around 10,000m of ribbon every week. Both Bill and Joan are still actively involved in business but the day-to-day running has been passed over to their two sons who both left school in the early 90s at the age of just 15 to come into the business.

With their 30 years of experience each, there is very little Glenn or Grant don’t know about the rosette & sash industry. With thier combined knowledge & a great team behind them, Frosts have now established itself as one of the UK’s most prominent manufacturers of rosettes & sashes online today.

One of the keys to our success is being able to adapt to changing times. Whether it is listening to customers or investing in machinery, we always have one ear to the ground and try our best to offer the best we have every time.

How good a company are Frosts Rosettes?

In our many years as a company, we’ve probably seen enough for 2 lifetimes. Whether it is getting better after ill health, accidents resulting in hospitalisation, staffing issues, bad customer debts or the foot and mouth disease, which caused the non-movent of animals and a total ban on all horse & dog shows.

Move onto the covid pandemic, which resulted in no public events for nearly 2 years. (no one needed us!)

And now we have to deal with the cost of living crisis, which has not only seen materials & labour costs rise significantly, but also utility bills & overheads increase massively!!

However, with all this said and done, we are proud of our company & what it stands for. We remain trading under our original business name and enjoy producing rosettes & sashes on a daily basis for people to win and treasure for years to come.

Some True Facts & Beliefs About Our Comapny

We are a well-established, professional and an approachable company.

We will never speak ill of our competitors

We will never print trademarked brands or images without the correct permissions.

Although our portfolio includes commissions from many top brands & the entertainment / TV industry, we never forget our grassroots. Our aim has been one of constant improvement to provide ALL customers with the same superior & quality service as the next, no matter how small or large a order may be.

Our approach is always one of honesty, we are here to advise and help you have a successful, fun and profitable event. We will not make you buy more than you require and will NEVER cold call or pestered for a order.

Hopefully, our passion towards our business will shine through this website and give you the peace of mind that when it comes to rosettes and sashes we’re not only professional but good people to know.