How Important is Colour with Rosettes

rosette colours blog post

We get asked all the time how will my rosette look in my chosen colours and will they look any good?

Colour is very important when buying rosettes, and is probably the most important thing to consider other than the personalised printing. However for some events you may want to play it safe, winning positions usually have their own set colours and show organisers or participants will expect to receive these colours at a event.

1st – red or red/white, 2nd – blue or blue/white, 3rd – yellow or yellow / white

4th – green or green/white, 5th – pink or pink/white, 6th purple or purple/white

Usually with 2, 3 or 4 tier rosettes the introduction of the second colour such as white can break up the rosette and gives the placing colour a good contrast colour to work with and is widely acceptable.

Can i use rosettes for other events?

The simple answer to this is yes, lots of people use rosettes for promotional events, they are perfect as a low cost giveaway or as a bespoke invitation to press and influencers.

If they are not being used as placing awards you can really let your creative side take hold. You can mix colours to match brands or logos thus creating the perfect rosette.

So what colours should you choose?

As a rule when considering colours you need to first think how they are going to be used and then decided on colours. If you are buying for an activity with placings such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd rosettes we recommend sticking with the traditional rosette colours – However with all this said and done its totally upto you and your event and with the Frost’s Design a Rosette application you can see and try any colour combination online over a range of different rosette styles before placing your order online!