Rosette Production Time Labeling

rosette production times

Buying and Selling online are two different things, with an ever-growing age of next-day delivery becoming normal its sometimes easy to forget that not every company is just picking and packing!

At Frosts we believe that we offer some of the fastest delivery times for handmade and personalised rosettes in the UK. However there is only so many hours in a day or week, and believe it or not we do actually need to sleep!

So to help give customers a better understanding of manufacturing times we have introduced a new product labelling system. This displays on the top right of each product image and is a estimated time of production (not delivery time) This system will show which products offer our fastest production times to help customers choose and plan their order .
We hope this new system will give users a quick and easy way to order online and if needing rosettes buy a certain date allow them to choose the most suitable product.

We do offer Express delivery and this can be added at checkout but please note if we are quoting 7-10, 10-14 or 14-21 days made to order it is simply the delivery service you are upgrading not the production time however saying this if we see a order with express delivery we will always try our best to improve on any advise production times!