Special Dog Training Rosette for Ted

teds dog training rosette
A few weeks ago a customer popped into our showroom wanting some rosettes for a local dog training school that was soon to celebrate its 40th year.
As we chatted i picked up a few training tips for “Ted” our miniature schnauzer puppy and asked if we could pop along to see what goes on at a dog training class.
That evening it was an early tea for all, we loaded Ted into the car along with our youngest son and drove the short distance into Plymouth, eager to learn more.
Based in a community centre hall in the heart of Plymouth, we were warmly welcomed into a class of about 13 owners and dogs with everything from a Greyhound to a Kerry blue terrier.
Now in our 5th week of attending, we look forward to every Monday evening, no-one more than my son, who actually fist punched the air this week before school because it was dog training night!
This week was the 40th anniversary we made the rosette for, we did a range of new training activities followed by celebration tea, cake and a rosette!
Over my 30+ years of being involved with rosettes I have seen our rosettes at many events, but over the past few weeks i have got to experience first hand the real grass roots of how people donate their time to educate others and how our products are used, which i will never forget.
No matter how large or small your club is, if you need dog training rosettes we have a great range of stock designs available to order online. Alternatively, if you require a special design for an anniversary event such as the above, why not drop us a line as we’ll be more than happy to help & suggest some ways to jazz things up!