Horse Show Rosettes

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Great selection of horse show rosettes especially designed with equestrian events in mind

Personalised using both traditional gold foil and full colour digital we are able to print show names,  club logo’s and even photo’s on a wide range of horse rosettes. From a standard 1 tier to some of our more luxurious grand champion rosettes we have always got offers available and if your organising a charity ride or belong to a RDA group we’d love to hear from you as we usually have surplus stock available that may benefit form some extra discount too!

Exclusive Equeatrian Themed Horse Rosettes By Frosts

One of our most popular Horse Show Rosettes is the “HR” range, available in 1 tier, 2 tier and 3 tier variations these rosettes feature an exclusive 36mm wide printed ribbon tail with a horses head and horse shoe motif repeated printed.
However if you only require something small why not take a look at our brightly coloured range of mini horse rosettes, designed with children in mind these fantastic hand made rosettes are perfect for pony parties, birthday celebrations and clear round jumping prizes and won’t break the bank.

Equestrian centres and riding clubs needn’t fear as for regular buyers of our horse rosettes we’ve got you covered – From sponsored classes to discount horse trophies and even boxes of FREE rosettes & champion sashes Frosts can tailor make a deal that right for you and remember when the prizes are great the competitors will travel.

For last minute events or rush orders please don’t panic one of the great things of buying from Frosts is we always hold large levels of stock rosettes than can ship within 24 hours and be with you nextday!

So weather your planning a 3 day event, looking for pub race night prizes or in need of a custom made rocking horse rosette, Frosts welcome any order large or small so just pop in or give us a call.