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We make political rosettes for every party in every colour!

Given the turbulent nature of politics, you never know when you’re going to need to buy political rosettes ready for a major campaign. Whether you’re standing for election or getting out and about on the campaign trail, we have a range of 1 tier, 2 tier & 3 tier political rosettes for all the major parties and for independent candidates.

Rosettes have long been an integral part of political campaigning, and a way for candidates to show their colours to the electorate. By personalising your political rosette you are engaging in a very long and well-established tradition in British politics, signalling your allegiances and ensuring the voters know your name.

Politics change by the hour and snap local and national elections are always a very real possibility. So when things need to move quickly you’ll be pleased to know that all our political rosettes can be supplied branded with your party logos quickly or for even faster delivery supplied with plain centre discs, perfect for applying your own stickers.

Conservative Blue Rosettes

We can personalise your blue Conservative rosettes ahead of the campaign trail, to ensure you stand out to voters. Whether you’re standing for local government or are the official candidate aiming to get into Westminster, order yours now to help you on your way.

Labour Rosettes

If you’re standing for the Labour party, we can personalise your Labour red rosettes to ensure you stand out in the crowds. Candidates can choose to have their names printed on the centre badge when standing for election, whether to Parliament or local government, ensuring it sticks in the voters’ minds.

Liberal Democrat

If you’re standing for the Liberal Democrat party, now is the time to order your Lib Dem rosettes ahead of the campaign trail. The distinctive bright yellow / gold of the Liberal Democrats already stands out in a crowd, but personalising yours ensures voters know you by name when it comes to the ballot box.

Custom Colour Independent Candidate Rosettes

If you’re not affiliated with any of the mainstream parties and have chosen to stand as an independent or as part of a new political grouping, we can create custom independent rosettes for you. With a full palette of colours to choose from, we can see you get the colour which best represents you and personalise it by printing your name.

Customised political rosettes are a way to get your name out there and seen by the public, making it more likely they will remember it when it comes to putting that all-important cross on their ballot paper. Ensure you’re prepared for the campaign trail and have the best possible chance of election, by ordering your own coloured and customised rosette today.