Rosette Sizes, Ribbon Colours & Print Specifications

We are always getting asked how big is this, how long is that & what’s the maximum print area! So, to save everyone time we thought it good to put all those factual things here in one place.

We have kept things simple & thought of everything you may need to know about ordering rosettes, sashes and badges from us, but If you still can’t find the answer here please either send us an email or give us a quick call and we’ll be more than happy to help with any information needed.

Rosette Sizes:

M1 Mini Rosette – 75mm……………..badge size 35mm

SE1 / 1 tier Rosette – 85mm…………badge size 50mm

Our Most Popular Rosette Sizes

  • 1 tier, F1, BR1, PR1 – 95mm x 250mm……badge 60mm
  • 2 tier, F2, BR2, PR2 – 110mm x 250mm….badge 60mm
  • 3 tier, F3, BR3, PR3 – 125mm x 280mm….badge 60mm
  • 4 tier, F4, BR4, PR4 – 135mm x 320mm….badge 60mm

All rosettes are made from 24mm / 25mm satin ribbon unless otherwise stated.

Ribbon tail lenghths: M1 & SE1 rosettes 100mm. 1 & 2 tier rosettes 200mm long, 3, 4 & 5 tier 250mm long ribbons.

Rosette Size Comparison Chart:

Rosette Centre Badge Print Dimensions:

Rosette badge sizes, maximum print area & bleed size for coloured or background designs:

35mm badge – max design 32mm – background bleed 38mm

50mm badge – max design 48mm – background bleed 54mm

60mm badge – max design 56mm – background bleed 64mm

76mm badge – max design 72mm – background bleed 80mm

92mm badge – max design 88mm – background bleed 96mm

112mm badge – max design 108mm – background bleed 116mm

*Please note if you require a bleed or a off-set design, please supply artwork clearly showing cut position with a removable circle hairline

Standard Ribbon Colours

Standard stock ribbon colours – Frosts are pleased to offer 32 different ribbon colours for customers to choose from, providing great choice and versatility when looking to match club or brand colours.

All our ribbon colours are available throughout our entire product range unless stated on the online order form options. Other ribbon colours and grades of ribbon are available subject to each customers requirements and minimum order Qty’s, please contact us for further information.

stock ribbon colours

Premium Ribbon Colours

Take your rosettes to the next level with any of our Luxury woven edge satin ribbons. Subject to a minimum order, we can make our rosettes out of this luxurious satin ribbon in the colour combinations of your choice.

This ribbon is more resistant to creasing, gives rosettes a more “premium” look with a heavyweight feel. The colours are bold and complement each of our standard ribbon colours perfectly. Available in 25mm & 38mm widths.

premium rosette ribbon colours

Rosette Centre Disc Printing:

Default typeface: Where there is no option to choose a font style we will use “Times New Roman” UPPERCASE Custom uploaded logos and pre designed hen night / party rosettes are excluded from this rule.

Default print colour (Rosette centres & printed ribbon tails): Metallic gold foil. Silver or black are also available upon request.

Stock Award Rosettes: We are pleased to offer a wide range of stock award rosettes that have NO additional printing charges.

Custom Stock Award Rosettes: For a small charge of just 25p you can have your own custom award printed onto any of our stock award rosettes. (Cost: 1 x 25p per Award NOT per Rosette)

Personalised Printing Charges – To make things simpler we have a flat fee printing charge of just £4.95 per order per personalised text or £2.95 for adding a logo on all rosette orders.

This is a per order per personalised text / logo charge, for example if you require two batches of rosettes each with a different personalised text or logo’s the fee is payable twice. However if the personalised text or logo remains the same throughout the whole order and you are simply changing the placing awards 1st, 2nd, 3rd..etc. then the fee is only payable once per order)

Award Printing – This refers to the award that will be printed in the middle of the centre..e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Well Done…….. For every award we print there is a small award change charge of just 25p per award (NOT per rosette).

For example…..Rosettes that have personalised text around the badge and you require “Well Done” as the award in the very middle, regardless of Qty you will only pay 1 x 25p.


Rosette Options – Price List

Rosette Fittings

Safety pin (Standard) – FREE

Sticky tab – 5p per rosette

Tapes – 8p per rosette

Bridal Hooks – 8p per rosette

Magnetic strip – 30p per rosette (min qty 100)

Rosette Centre Disc Print Charges

Personalised printed rosette discs – £4.95 per design per order

Awards / Award changes – 25p per award (not per rosette)

Extra Rosette Centres 50mm or 60mm: 30p per centre disc: Minimum order 25 + Personalised print charge of £4.95 or £2.95

Rosette Ribbon Tails

Gold printed ribbon tail – 30p per ribbon

Extra ribbon tail – 5p (24mm) or 10p (36mm) per ribbon tail

36mm wide tails – 1 & 2 tier – 10p, 3 tier – 15p, 4 tier – 20p

Patterned / Metallic ribbon tails

25mm + 15p per tail, 38mm + 20p per tail

Ribbon Star Points / Folded Tabs

Standard ribbon 30p per star point / Tab

Fancy ribbon 40p per ribbon star point / Tab

Custom Colour Combinations

Choose your own rosette colours – 10p extra per tier (N/C over 100 rosettes)

Pattern / Luxury Ribbons

Change any standard ribbon layer of a rosette + 1 ribbon tail with a luxury pleated special metallic, glitter or patterned ribbon.

(Ribbon cost upto £20 per 100m – based on min order 50 rosettes)

Tier 1 (1m) + 60p extra

Tier 2 (1.25m) + 75p extra

Tier 3 (1.5m) + 85p extra

Tier 4 (2m) + £1.10p extra

Price inc Ribbon Tier upgrade + 1 Tail upto 12″ long

Whatever your idea – WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

From Giant rosettes to rosettes made from shirt fabrics, nothing is impossible for Frosts to make when it comes to rosettes. Just drop us a line with your design or idea and we will send over a FREE quote.